Acuity Options is an award-winning boutique sized Public Relations consulting firm for senior decision makers and their organizations during times of change.

Known for creativity and high level strategic thinking, Acuity Options helps organizations and their people get clear on purpose, open up their thinking and unlock their potential by literally visualizing success and creating the plans to achieve it. Through our propriety processes, Acuity Options collaborates, counsels, facilitates and builds customized blueprints that have the support of key stakeholders.

As a value-added service, Acuity Options takes an intentional approach to building in 2-way relationships and "Communications Excellence" theory into each of our clients' projects to increase internal capacity and provide the cultural conditions for sustained success.

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How healthy is your organization? We asked participants this question in a January 2014 workshop organized by Ginny Jones and Dr. Denise O’Connor.

The half-day workshop, captured here in a visual by Pam Hubbard, covered diagnostic tools and a discussion on what makes an organization’s culture healthy and creative. How do organizations intentionally build a culture of creativity and productivity?

Learn more through the ongoing original research work called, Creative Organization Project as well as, by contracting the services offered through Acuity Options.

Find out how to unlock the creativity that resides within your organization.

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