Trust, Conversation and Creativity: Designing an Intentional Culture of Success, Journal for Professional Communications, June 2013 (for article click here)

Co-authors Ginny Jones, APR and Denise O'Connor, PhD assert that there is a huge waste of human creativity lost to organizations. That potential can be unlocked through the intentional design and maintenance of a creative culture of two-way relationships that serve as the “contextual” shell for incubation of people’s ideas and inspires their willingness for collaborate. Taking a strategic whole systems approach, leaders can tap into the “sweet spot” for creativity and innovation that’s expressed exponentially through organizational conversations. In this original work, Jones and O’Connor share their early model for organizational creativity and resiliency through interviews with exceptional leaders and in blogs that support each interview podcast.


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The Essential Bernard Baskin: Ginny Jones, Editor

As a tribute to Rabbi Emeritus Bernard Baskin on his 60th year in the pulpit, Temple Anshe Sholom published The Essential Bernard Baskin, a collection of articles written by Rabbi Baskin over 50 years for the Hamilton Spectator. Ginny served as Co-Editor on what turned into a labour of love for all involved.

From The Essential Bernard Baskin book cover:

“Rabbi Bernard Baskin's life has been defined by books and service to his faith and his community. A great part of that service has been a steady stream of essays on questions of life, values, religion and the pressing social concerns of the day. In honour of this extraordinary life, the members of Temple Anshe Shalom have created The Essential Bernard Baskin, collection some of the best of those essays as they appeared in The Hamilton Spectator over the last 50 years."

Whether they were written in 1953 or 2003, Rabbi Baskin's prose has never failed to more and inspire, to
urge the reader to think deeply anout important issues. Among the topics presented in this volue are thoughtful essays on Jewish history in Canada, the myths of Canadian multiculturalism, Jews and Jesus, science and
religion, deal with grief and dying with dignity. Bracketing Rabbi Baskin's words are the thoughts of his daughter Judith, a distinguished scholar in her own right; of Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz, who had the daunting task of replacing Rabbi Baskin after his retirement; and of Rabbi Jordan Cohen who holds the Anshe Shalom pulpit today.
May these thoughts pay tribute to a remarkable life and help readers light their own paths to knowledge. Shalom.”

To enquire about ordering your copy of the Essential Bernard Baskin, please contact the Temple Office at or 905.528.0121


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