For over 15 years, Acuity Options has been offering professional services to decision makers including::



  • Counsel & Coaching to senior communication leaders
  • Strategic plans on new directions, multi-stakeholders; multi-sectors (RACE formula)
  • Design and deliver workshops/training for communication staff and for managers.
  • Functional reviews
  • Communication Audits, Focus Groups, research

Corporate Culture/Change Management

  • Cultural audits/analysis and recommendations
  • Change management strategic plans
  • Counsel & Coaching to senior managers
  • Design and facilitate group planning/dialogue


  • Branding and alignment strategies
  • Counsel to senior HR/Organizational Development managers
  • Design and facilitate group planning/dialogue

Thought Pieces

  • Prepare project (or organizational) white papers and position papers
  • Prepare/edit articles and presentations

Presentations and Workshops

  • Customized for audiences
Our Approach

Acuity Options works with your senior leaders to design a "context for change", that engages stakeholders with a shared vision, mental models, behaviour expectations and organizational culture, as well as the actual plan of action for success. By building the work within a framework that expects two-way communications, and values relationships, leaders will have the environment necessary to support the project.

Acuity Options bases its approach to client work on three key elements:
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